WHERE: NPA miðstöðin, Urðarhvarf 8, entrance A, 2. floor.

WHEN: Thursday 18th of April 2024

LAST DAY OF REGISTRATION: Tuesday 16th of April 2024

REGISTRATION: Please click this link

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• Insight into roles and responsibilites of work leaders and personal assistants
• Importance of good and open communication.
• Code of ethics of NPA miðstöðin.
• Confidentiality and why it‘s important.
• Different situations that may arise and possible responses.
•  Role and uniqueness of assistant work leader.
•  The importance of respecting workleaders‘ autonomy.
• Discussions.


  • Participants to gain understanding of different roles each individual in NPA has.
  •  Learn the importance of clear and good communciations.
  • Learn the prinicipals of NPA miðstöðin‘s Code of Ethics.


  2023 NPA Erna ferningur  2023 NPA Hallgrimur ferningur  2023 NPA Egill ferningur  Maria runarsdottir litur ferningur

Erna Eiríksdóttir, Head of knowledge. 
Hallgrímur Eymundsson, NPA work leader.
Sigurður Egill Ólafsson, 
NPA assistant.
María Rúnarsdóttir, Social worker and mediator at Samskiptastöðin


The courses are designed for NPA project managers, NPA assistants, relatives of NPA project managers and other interested parties.The course is open to everyone, but members and personal assistants from NPA miðstöðin have priority. Limited seats available.

The NPA Courses of NPA miðstöðin provide comprehensive knowledge and a good insight into NPA. The courses are developed under the guidance and collaboration with NPA work leaders. Nothing about us without us!

COST: Free for members and assistants of the NPA center. For others: ISK. 15,000 for the course series, ISK. 2,000 for one course, but ISK. 10,000 for a course in first aid.

ACCESSIBILITY: Full accessibility

REFRESHMENTS: Light refreshments during breaks

Send any questions to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.