WHERE? NPA miðstöðin, Urðarhvarf 8, entrance A, 2. floor.

WHEN? Thursday 23. May 2024, 11:00-15:00. 


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Participants will receive a first aid certificate from a registered provider.

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The four steps of first aid
1. Check the scene for safety
2. Assess the condition of those ill or injured.
3. Call for help
4. Administer first aid.

Basic resuscitation (CPR) and use of an automatic defibrillator (AED)
• Checking for responses
• Opening the airway
• Checking for breathing.
• Chest compressions and rescue breaths (CPR)
• Automatic defibrillator (AED)
• The chain of survival.
• The recovery position and removing foreign objects from a person’s airway.

First aid
• A short introduction to internal and external bleeding.
• Burns.
• Head injury.
• Chest pains (heart attack).
• Anaphylaxis (Allergies).
• Stroke.

The course will be taught with the assumption that the recipient of the first aid is a disabled person and that they might use mobility aids, for example a wheelchair.

Goals of the course
That participants gain basic knowledge in administering first aid and resuscitation emergency situations.

More information
For who? The course is open to all but the members of NPA miðstöðin and their assistants get priority. Limited availability.  
Single course: You don’t have to take the courses at NPA miðstöðin in the correct order. Every course independently builds on the one before.
Groups: In course 6 there will be one group for all participants.

Work leaders are encouraged to attend: It’s important for work leaders to know the first steps of first aid so they can instruct new assistants where possible.

Free for members of NPA miðstöðin and their assistants.
First aid course: 10.000 kr.
Other single courses: 2.000 kr.
For all six courses together: 15.000 kr. 

Accessibility: Full accessibility
Catering: Light snacks provided at break time.
English speaking: This course is in English

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